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Nick Jonas & John Stamos Are In A Prank War & The Photos Are Everything.

There’s no shortage of feuding celebrities. So it’s really nice when we actually see our idols engaging in friendly competition and poking a little fun at each other.

Take John Stamos and Nick Jonas, for example. Over the past year, we’ve seen a budding bromance blossom between the two mega stars — and we’re all for it! Things started taking off when Stamos was spotted proudly wearing Jonas brothers shirts in public on multiple occasions.

john stamos wears jonas brothers shirt

The 55-year-old actor’s fan gear didn’t go unnoticed by the boy band of brothers… least of all by their youngest member. In early March, the 26-year-old singer uploaded a photo of himself wearing a hoodie with the above picture printed on the front, writing, “It’s your move @johnstamos.”

And thus, their merch “inception” war began.

jonas stamos inception

Less than a week later, Stamos, not to be outdone, uploaded a photo of himself cuddling with a pillow. Printed on it was — you guessed it — the picture Jonas had previously shared with his followers. “I had the craziest dream last night,” Stamos wrote in the post.

jonas stamos inception

But as Stamos would soon learn, Jonas was just getting started. On March 12, Jonas uploaded yet another photo of himself lying peacefully in bed with his buddy, Stamos — or rather, a huge blanket with Stamos’ previous photo on it.

jonas stamos inception

We have yet to see how Stamos will respond, but fans are already throwing out ideas. Some suggested Stamos put up Jonas-themed wallpaper. One person said, “I don’t think he can go bigger or better than this.” You never know…

We can’t wait to see what Stamos will come up with next. Or perhaps he’ll concede to defeat? Only time will tell. Either way, this is the kind of celebrity “fight” that we should all be seeing more of!

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