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Daily Dose Of Adorable: Tiny Baby Beaver Is The Cutest Creature You’ll See Today

A tiny baby beaver being held in a pair of human hands.

If you’ve never seen a baby beaver before, get ready to fall head over heels for this absolutely adorable little creature! Buckee the beaver is stealing hearts on social media with his sweet face and endearing antics. Although he only has a few videos on his profile, some of them already have millions of views! We can’t wait to see more content from this tiny, fuzzy critter.

In Buckee’s most popular clip, someone is holding the baby beaver in their two hands. The little animal almost looks a bit shy as he sits curled up in a ball, nibbling on his tail and holding his paws up to his face. This video received over 27 million views!

Commenters were instantly enamored with the cute baby beaver.

“I want a baby beaver,” said one user, wistfully.

“The wittle tail,” wrote another.

“How does one sign up for beaver snuggle duty??” asked a third.

Honestly, we’re wondering the same thing!

In another one of Buckee’s posts, the little critter takes a tumble into an outdoor pool. Don’t worry, though; his swimming instincts kicked in right away! In no time, he was paddling through the water like a pro.

Baby beavers aren’t supposed to be household pets.

After seeing Buckee’s content on social media, some commenters have expressed their concern about this baby beaver being kept as a pet.

“Please put more info about this beaver in your captions if you are a responsible rehabber,” one user wrote. “Vids like this can spread the idea that it’s ok to take baby animals out of their habitat without training.”

In response to another comment on this video, the original poster did add a little more information about the baby beaver’s situation. They explained that they had rescued the animal and were doing what they could to provide proper care. Additionally, they said they were training to become wildlife rehabbers.

A tiny baby beaver being held in a pair of human hands.
Screengrab from TikTok

“We saved it from dying in the wild after its hut was flooded and it was lost,” the creator wrote.

Poor Buckee! We hope that these rescuers are able to rehabilitate this sweet baby beaver.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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