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“I Water That Way,” Utility Company Turns Watering Rules Into Hilarious Backstreet Boys Parody

Five Denver Water employees pose like a boyband on a beach. They're all wearing white. The one woman has a drawn-on beard.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s nice to be reminded of best practices when it comes to using water. This is something the Denver Water company does every year, usually through a press release — but not this year. Instead, they chose to inform locals through a parody of I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Yes, you did read that correctly. A utility company really did make a parody of a boy band song — and it’s better than you could imagine.

Like any good boy band, Denver Water needed to come up with their own name. Luckily, the perfect one was right in front of their eyes: Splashstreet Boys. In the video, each member of the band takes their temporary role of 90s heartthrob seriously, delivering their best dance moves and intense eye contact with the camera. Best of all, they do so while sharing helpful info about watering rules.

From the vocals and dance moves to the editing and the random toilet person, there’s just so much to love about this PSA. While they intended to make this fun yet informative video for Denver locals, it continues to reach folks from all over.

“I have never been more obsessed with a music video or municipal infrastructure employees,” one person writes in the comments. “Great work!!!”

“I’ve never been so motivated to be water conscious in my life,” another admits.

Denver Water Creates the Best Backstreet Boys Parody With I Water That Way

If you’re still wondering why or how this iconic music video came to be — well, the answer is pretty simple, really.

Five Denver Water employees pose like 90s boyband members outside. Nearby someone in a toilet costume watches.

“Look, sometimes you get an idea, and you have to see it through, no matter how much it sets you up to be ridiculed by everyone in your life,” Jimmy Luthye of Denver Water writes. “… I grew up loving boy band jams and I Water That Way is my tribute to the glory days of polished Max Martin pop hits and confusing music videos with far too much eye contact. We hope you enjoy this, and that it reminds you to Water The Right Way this summer.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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