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18-Year-Old Shares Herself “Getting Rejected From My Dream School” To Send Powerful Message

A teen gathers outside to sit on the ground with her brother, mom, and dad. The teen has tears in her eyes as her brother hugs her from behind. Mom and dad also look devastated.

Nicole Laeno isn’t afraid to be honest with her millions of followers, even when getting rejected from her dream school. For years, this 18-year-old has dreamed of one day attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). That’s why, when it came time for the high school senior to apply for colleges, she chose to document her journey. Needless to say, the most nerve-wracking moment came when she finally got a response from UCLA.

Rather than opening up her email immediately, Nicole recognized that it’d be best to not do so alone. Instead, she waited to gather her support system. This includes her loving mom, dad, and brother. Together, they gathered around Nicole as they sat outside. Although we can’t read the email or hear their reactions, the heartbroken looks on their faces speak volumes.

@nicolelaeno A knife to the heart tbh😁😁😁 But fr.. thank you all for your kind words & ongoing support i love you & GOD’S PLAN❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 #college #rejected #classof2024 ♬ original sound – girl failure

“You feel like you’ve been working your whole life for this moment and then when it’s kind of shut down, you feel that disappointment and you’re just definitely let down,” Nicole shares.

In sharing her experiences, both the good and bad, Nicole hopes to help other seniors like her. But in being so honest, she’s also receiving an outpour of love and support herself. In the comments of her viral video, countless folks reassure her that this is not the end of her journey.

Teen Becomes a Beacon of Hope After Getting Rejected From Her Dream School

Many of these kind strangers admit they, too, got a rejection from their dream college. And while it was devastating at the time, they now realize that it was the redirection they needed in life. So, although the wound of rejection is still fresh, Nicole can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, Nicole is happy to share she’s accepted an offer to San Diego State University. Here, she’ll major in communications, something she’s sure to be fantastic at considering her success as a content creator since middle school! As for others teenagers her, Nicole has inspiring words to share.

“To any other seniors who are going through this process and maybe are still feeling the disappointment and loss, like, 100% go through all the motions, cry it all out if you need to,” Nicole shares, “but you will come to a place where you know that rejection is redirection and you will end up where you’re supposed to.”

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