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Tiger Woods Tells Jimmy Fallon The Silly Story Of His First Hole-In-One… At 8 Years Old!

Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon laughing together.

In case you didn’t know, Tiger Woods always had the makings of a professional golfer. It turns out that he got his first hole-in-one at the age of eight! Whether it was a stroke of luck or genius, we’ll probably never know. Woods recently appeared on The Tonight Show, where he shared the impressive (and slightly hilarious) story with host Jimmy Fallon.

“It was at a par 3 course in Heartwell,” the golfer recalled. “And it was the 12th hole, and I hit a 3-wood over the top of a bunker, and it rolled in.”

When the audience heard the tale of how Tiger Woods got his first hole-in-one, they burst into applause. However, the athlete still had some details to fill in — for example, he had no idea what had happened at first.

“I didn’t see it go in because I was too short,” Woods explained, eliciting laughter.

However, what Jimmy Fallon really wanted to know was whether this hole-in-one influenced the athlete’s future career. When asked if he knew, at age eight, that he would one day become a professional golfer, Woods’s response was simple.

“No,” he said. “No, no, no, no, no, no.”

In the same episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon was excited to bring a meme to the golf pro’s attention. It featured a photo of Tiger Woods seemingly shaking hands with a tree! What had actually happened was that retired commentator Verne Lundquist was hiding behind the tree to create the silly photo.

A meme of Tiger Woods shaking hands with a tree.
Screengrab from YouTube

Since it was taken, the picture has gone viral online! Funny captions included, “When I ask for my receipt to be emailed instead of printed,” and “How it feels to go on a good hike.”

Tiger Woods ended his visit by challenging Jimmy Fallon to a game of ping pong in 2024. That’s something to look forward to!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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