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Baby Can’t Contain His Adorable Excitement When He Sees Four Wheelers Race At The County Fair 

Baby four wheelers

This baby was born to be a race enthusiast! When his parents took him to their local country fair, he watched his first four-wheeler race, and he was so excited that joy literally poured out of him.

According to Good Morning America, Breanna Dasch took her then 15-month-old son, Case, to Illinois’ Richland County Fair to watch the event because he “loves anything with a motor.” But even she was surprised by just how excited Case was when the four-wheelers took off.

In a video that first made its rounds in 2016, Breanna recorded her overall-clad baby as he gave the race all his attention. As the vehicles made their laps, his whole body shook with excitement and he raised his little fists in the air to cheer them on.

Every time the four-wheelers passed close to him, he seemed to scream,” Again!” Then his little face would fall into a pout when they drove away. Each time they made another lap, he was just as excited as the first.

“So adorable and priceless! So excited and then bummed after they pass, lol!” someone wrote in the comments.

“Man, that baby is really excited every time he hears that car noise,” laughed another commenter.

“That is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute,” someone gushed.

Another person in the comments shared that little Chase continued being a motors enthusiast. He went to the AFT Springfield Mile over a year later and absolutely loved watching Motorcycle DT Racing.

“Maybe a future Racing Star…” they wrote.

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