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Baby Tries Peas For The First Time & And Her Reaction Isn’t What You’d Expect—It’s Better

peas baby

When this baby girl tried green peas for the first time, she wasn’t a fan. But she handled the experience like a champion.

A mother named Tyiesha has been chronicling her life with her daughter, Leila-Charm, on the TikTok page growingupwithleila. In her posts, she showcases the now-6-month-old’s milestones and experiences, but her first time tasting peas is by far the fan-favorite video.

In the clip, Tyiesha gives Leila a bite of the green mush, and Leila looks super excited. When she takes a bite, she’s repulsed, but she thinks the gross taste is hilarious.

Mom Says Her Baby Is Very Adventurous With New Food

The baby smiles as she gags on the peas, and her mom explodes in laughter. Tyiesha also had the mom super-sense at the end of the video. Even though she was laughing so hard that her eyes were closed, she still knew exactly when Leila was going to spit out the peas, and she put out her hand to catch it.

“I’m a new mom and I video her all the time,” Tyiesha told Newsweek. “She’s very photogenic. Since starting her journey with new foods, I always turn on the camera to video her among things because her personality is captivating.”

Tyiesha said her baby has been adventurous with solids, and while she’s not always happy with the taste, her “curiosity” makes her willing to keep trying new things.

“There are challenges with trying to choose things for her to eat to try to cultivate her palate because I definitely want her to enjoy a lot of foods and not be apprehensive of trying anything in the future.”

Only one week after posting, the video is closing in on 2 million views. And Tyiesha wasn’t surprised that it went viral.

“I think it’s popular because it’s such an honest moment,” she said. “It reminded a lot of people of the precious moments they shared with their child when they were that age.”

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