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This Video Of A Puppy Doing The River Dance Is Exactly What You Needed Today

River Dance Puppy

If you’re having a rough day today, we have the cure—a teeny puppy performing the River Dance.

In a news world of doom and gloom, one thing always seems to be a bright spot, puppies. Looking at the cute and cuddly fluff balls just makes us melt, but when they can dance, it’s even better.

This particular puppy’s River Dance is simply medicine for our souls because not only is it adorable, it’s seriously flawless, and we’re in between laughter and “aww”s.

A video of the puppy was featured on CuppaJ0’s TikTok page on April 25, and it’s already amassed nearly 31 million views, 7 million loves, and 25 million comments.

The viral clip shows a super tiny black and white pup on an exam table in a vet’s office. Either the vet or vet tech is gently holding him up, and he’s doing the River Dance high steps on his own accord while the Irish Jig plays.

“What A Distinguished Gentleman”

The comment section is filled with impressed fans who admit that the “littlest lad” has loads of talent.

“Me, an Irish dancer: I cannot compete with this,” one person admitted.

“Lost count of how many times I’ve seen this. It just keeps playing and I’m not stopping it,” laughed another commenter.

“I don’t doubt it 😂😂indeed the best dancer in town 😂❤️,” someone laughed.

“Form is perfect 👏 10/10 to this littlest of lads,” wrote Build-A-Bear.

“What a distinguished gentleman 😍,” said Kiehl’s.

River Dance, which is based on traditional Irish dancing, was all the rage in the mid-1990s. If you missed the trend, you can watch it here, and you’ll be convinced that this puppy was formally trained in another life!

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