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94-Yr-Old Neighbor Goes Viral For Being A “Real Life Angel”

A man’s 94-year-old neighbor has gone viral for being a “real life angel.”

“Mr. Bob” was caught on camera when he kindly delivered homemade chicken noodle soup to his sick neighbor. Showing up looking sharp in a plaid button-up shirt and oven mitts while carrying a full pot of soup, the elderly man was happy to support his sick neighbor. You can watch as he rings the doorbell wearing a wide grin, clearly excited to gift his neighbor with a home-cooked meal.

“Wanted to see how you’re doing,” he announced after handing over the pot to his young pal, who thanked him profusely and told him he didn’t want to get him sick.

“All right, you go eat that while it’s hot,” Mr. Bob said while stepping away.

“Thank you, Mr. Bob, I really appreciate it,” the neighbor responded.

“Mr. Bob” Is The Definition of “Neighborly”

Mr. Bob is a 94-year-old “real life angel,” according to fans of the viral video.

Through comments under the post shared by @hoperisesnetwork, Instagram users opened up about their own versions of Mr. Bob.

“I love this!! Our next door neighbor (Miss Cindy) she’s a widow now. When her husband was ill, he (Mr Ray) told me ‘please take care of Miss Cindy’ and he passed a couple of years ago,” one person wrote. “I still cut her grass and look after her and her dogs. She makes me meatloaf and makes my wife pound cake. She is the sweetest neighbor.”

Others asked whether they could return the favor to Mr. Bob, showing him the same love and support he showed his neighbor.

“Does Mr Bob need anything?!?!? What a wonderful human being. If there is anything we can do for him or reach out to him in some kind of way please let us know. And that was very thoughtful for the guy to be careful in not getting Mr. Bob sick. ❤️”

“Who else wants to share a cup of coffee on the porch swing with Mr. Bob and just listen to all he has to say about life? 🙋🏻‍♀️” another user asked.

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