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Police Officers Show Up At Lonely Man’s Door For The Most Wholesome Reason

police officers birthday

When a man called 9-1-1 asking if anyone could wish him a happy birthday, two police officers responded with a muffin, candles, and warm wishes.

According to Local 12, the man, Chris, was hoping to celebrate his 25th birthday, but he had no one to celebrate with. So he called emergency dispatchers and said, “I want someone to say ‘happy birthday’ to me.”

The call prompted a wellness check, but when the responding officers heard what the caller said, they knew they couldn’t “show up empty-handed.”

“We didn’t believe it at first,” said Officer Israel Bracho with the Boston PD. “We kind of thought it was a joke. So, once we were able to verify that it actually was his birthday, we said, ‘Well, everyone has one birthday. So, everyone deserves to feel special on that one day,'”

On the way to Chris’ house, Officer Bracho and his partner, Frank Ortiz, stopped at a store and picked up some treats.

“My mother raised me right. She would have killed me if I didn’t,” he noted.

The police officer’s body cam caught the birthday surprise on video, and it has since gone viral. In it, Chris opens his door with a smile on his face. The officers introduce themselves and ask how old he is.

Officer Ortiz says he tried to light the candles, but the wind put out the flames, so Chris invites them into his corridor. Once inside, the officers light the candles while Chris beams. Then they sing Happy Birthday.

Chris enthusiastically blows out the candles after the officers finish their song, and he promises not to eat the whole muffin at once.

“You guys, that’s awesome,” Chris cheers before giving them a heartfelt thank you.

“You’re gonna be all right.?” Officer Ortiz asks before he heads out the door. “You good? You need anything else?”

“Nothing,” Chris responds. “This is the best I can ask for.”

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