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Baby Hilariously “Hits The Deck” When Mom Checks In On Crib To See If She’s Sleeping

Left image shows a toddler bouncing in a crib. Right image shows the toddler reacting to hearing her mom's voice over the speaker in the baby monitor.

Raising children can be fulfilling and heartwarming but also frustrating, heartbreaking, and humbling. And then there is the humorous aspect. Every once in a while (or all the time with some kids), your child will do something bad but hilarious. As a parent, you shouldn’t laugh, but it’s so hard to remain stoic. When this baby in a crib got caught bouncing during nap time, her reaction was not what the mother expected!

It was nap time. Mom tucked the baby into her crib, turned the lights out, and entered another room. The family had a baby monitor in the baby’s room, and the mom was checking it. She saw her toddler bouncing in the crib, so she used the microphone feature on the monitor. The baby’s reaction was off-the-wall and unexpected.

The baby hit the deck like a seasoned Marine diving into a foxhole during a mortar attack! Bounce… bounce… “Bella…” HIT THE DECK! Seeing such a small child reacting to being caught doing something they knew they shouldn’t do was hilarious.

Left image shows a baby monitor with a baby bouncing during nap time. Image shows the moment the daughter tries to act like she wasn't doing anything wrong.
Image from TikTok.

The husband is an active part of the family. However, he is a submarine sailor in the US Navy, so he spends much time on deployment. That leaves Mom home to manage their daughters. Mom keeps an active TikTok account to document the family and her daughters’ antics. That allows the dad to view videos of his girls and watch them grow while he is out at sea. Check out their channel if you want to see how a military family juggles service life and deployments.

While we laugh at their daughter for a few minutes, please silently thank this entire family as well. Please share this with your friends and family.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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