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“The Funniest Wolf Howls Are Lazy Ones” Hilarious Clip Shows Sleepy Wolves Answering The Call

Image shows three wolves howling at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, MY.

The common thought that wolves howl at the moon is a misconception. A wolf uses its howl as a form of communication within its pack. The sound may be a rallying call to its brethren to gather for a hunt or a sign to let others know they are encroaching on the pack’s territory. We’re not sure what these sleepy wolves were saying, but they did not want to put much effort into the conversation.

Although wolves may howl at night, they are not addressing the moon goddess, Luna. A wolf has different howls for different circumstances, much like humans use different words to convey meaning. A wolf howl is almost like echolocation. The pack uses howls to communicate, and the sound can resonate for six to seven miles. When A packmate is lost, they can use howls to reunite with their family. A particular howl is the “lonely wolf” howl, and packmates will answer to help their lost mate find them.

Image shows two wolves who appear to be sleeping soundly.
Image from YouTube.

These two wolves seem to be sleeping soundly. They are alert enough to return the wolf howl within seconds of hearing a howl in the distance. However, they are unwilling to expend much effort into getting up to explore the source of the call.

Awakened by a distant howl, these two wolves answer the call without bothering to get up.
Image from YouTube.

Although this same behavior happens in the wild, we should mention that these two wolves are both captive-born. Alawa is the laziest one in the front, with Zephyr in the back mustering enough energy to sit up partially. The wolves live at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, NY. With Nikai, the trio are “ambassador wolves,” representing the Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolf species.

Learn More About Wolves And Why They Howl

The WCC caters to critically endangered Mexican gray wolves. They also have red wolves. To learn more about these fantastic animals, visit the WCC website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or X. For more great live feeds, visit the wolf webcams.

Wolves are often misunderstood, and the WCC works to educate people on their true nature. Please share this if you enjoyed watching these sleepy wolves howl.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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