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Mom And Baby Pull Goofy Prank On Dad That Has Him Falling Over In Laughter

baby prank

A mom decided to pull a prank on her husband by drawing some eyebrows on her baby, and his reaction was so hilarious that he went viral.

The mom, Chandler, and her daughter, Lilly, were hanging out one day while the dad was at work. Chandler had the idea to give Lilly some thick, brown eyebrows that looked both fashionable and a bit dastardly. Because the baby looked so adorably ridiculous, Chandler decided to give her husband a shock.

Chandler let Lilly keep wearing her new look while eating snacks in the kitchen and set up a camera to catch the reaction. The two waited for Dad to come home from work. And when he walked in, he took one look at his baby and the prank made him double over in laughter.

As the dad walked through the door, visibly exhausted from a long day, Lilly turned to look at him. The dad couldn’t handle the new disguise.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I cannot look at our daughter. I cannot take this child seriously right now.”

“What IS that,” he said between chuckles.

Lilly just kept eating her food as if nothing was different, which made the prank even more hilarious. The video quickly went viral with more than 44 million views to date. In a seperate video, Chandler, who is not a mom-influencer, shared that the video “changed everyting” for her family.

“I think I laughed harder at him laughing at her,” wrote a commenter.

“Baby girl is like why you laughing? My eyebrows are on fleek!!” joked a follower.

“I haven’t laughed so hard at something this wholesome,” added another.

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