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Tiny But Mighty: Puppy Picks Fight With Giant Bath Mat & Silly Antics Ensue

Left image shows a tiny puppy chewing on a large bathroom mat. Right image shows the pup dragging the mat out into the hall.

This video was submitted to InspireMore by Sherry A. — submit yours here!

Your newest family member can be a joy and little terror, all in one tiny puppy bundle. They’re cute and know it. They know we’ll let them terrorize us. They chew on everything and will busily rearrange anything not nailed down in the house. Everything is a chew toy for a puppy, including you. So put on your armor-plated suit before playing with them!

In the video from InspireMore reader Sherry A., her tiny puppy, Lexi, is busy stealing the bath mat. Judging by her size, this little tyke might weigh about four pounds. She displays Herculean puppy power to pull the fluffy mat across the room and into the hallway. We must agree with the voice on the soundtrack. The mat probably weighs more than the little scamp.

Image shows a tiny puppy tugging a bath mat out into the hallway.
Image from Facebook.

If you have ever had a puppy in the house, then you know. Every single day is full of wonder and joy. And, of course, pee puddles on the floor. Trying to train and housebreak these little hooligans is an exhausting chore. They get into everything. They chew, and chew, and chew some more. Investing in Band-Aid stock is a safe bet if you plan to adopt a new dog.

But there is also another side to having a new pup. We’re sure Sherry A. has discovered this wonderful part of little doggo parenting. Shenanigans. There are always shenanigans. Today, the large bath mat might move out to the hallway. Tomorrow, your pup will be pushing their crate around the room. There is always something happy happening in that tiny puppy brain. With shenanigans come lots of smiles, laughter, and unconditional love! They’re worth it.

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