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Magical: Man Rises From Water To Play Handpan In Fairy Tale Moment

Left image shows a handpan drum resting on the water surface of a small river.

The musical sound of a handpan drum is mystical, magical, and mesmerizing. The sound can create fairy tale imagery when the handpan is floating on water. Our video opens with a metal handpan drum resting serenely in a small river. There is a sudden disturbance in the water right before a man rises from the depths. Looking like an out-of-place Viking or perhaps a wizard (like Gandalf, but much younger), the man gently places his hand over the surface of the drum. What happens next can only be described as magical.

Although we have written about handpan drummers in the past, it is unsurprising if you have never heard of a handpan drum or “hang.” The instrument was first introduced in Switzerland in 2000. This drum type gets inspiration from the “steel drum,” also known as a “Tonge Drum” or Tongue Drum,” that originated in the Caribbean. Steel drums enjoyed popularity in Europe during the 1970s. Both have quite different musical ranges. Handpans are more expensive because they are handmade using a complicated process, which makes them more expensive than a tongue drum.

Handpan drums have a convex surface with divets. They create a clear, almost magical sound. The size of the drum dictates its tonal range, with smaller drums creating a higher pitch and larger ones a lower tone. Each drum can produce up to 22 different sounds, making it a very versatile instrument. When you play the handpan drum as it floats on water, the sound is even more mystical!

Ethereal in E plays the handpan drum while it rests on water in a small river.
Image from YouTube.

Watching this man play, you can see the concentration on his face. He makes each sound with a light tapping of his fingertips. The music is beautiful.

This Amazing Handpan Music On Water Is Just The Beginning

We have good news if you enjoyed the above video from Ethereal in E. He has more tracks available, and you can follow this talented musician on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube! Please share this story if this music mesmerized you.

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