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Abandoned Baby Rescued By Police Officer Grows Up And Has A Full Circle Moment

A young man in a police officer uniform smiles as he holds a photo of a baby.

As an Indiana police officer, Gene Eyster experienced countless unforgettable moments. But there’s one in particular that has stuck with him all these years. It was around Christmas time when he got a chilling call. Three students had discovered a baby abandoned in a cardboard box. Gene was one of the officers who showed up to take care of the little one until Child Protective Services (CPS) could arrive. As much as he wanted to know what would end up happening to the infant they nicknamed Baby Jesus, it was the last time Gene would see him… or so he thought.

Years passed and Gene became a retired police lieutenant. Then, one day, he got a shocking phone call. It was an officer who he had once served alongside. He had an important question to ask: Do you remember the case about Baby Jesus? Of course, Gene said that he did.

Gene Eyster smiles, mouth slightly open as he looks at a young man. He looks amazed to be looking at him. The young man's back is facing the camera.

“Well, you’re not going to believe this … he’s sitting next to me,” the officer told Gene.

Matthew Hegedus-Stewart is all grown up now. And he crossed paths with a former college of Gene’s because he, too, is joining the force. The odds of this happening are so slim, making the circumstances all-the-more amazing to both Gene and Matthew. Best of all, after 24 years, the two of them finally got the chance to meet.

Retired Police Officer Reunites With Abandoned Baby 24 Years Later

Although Matthew says he didn’t directly choose to become an officer because of Gene’s actions, he does say that “subconsciously, yes, that’s probably why I ended up where I am now.”

“It was a blessing,” Matthew says about meeting Gene. “I mean, I wondered my whole life, ‘Hey, who found me? What happened?’ And more or less, it’s a kind of closure for Gene.”

What an incredible moment for the both of them. You truly never know where life will take you or whose path will intersect with yours at just the right time!

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