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A Toddler Met An Ostrich At A Safari Park & He Reacted With Uncontrollable Laughter That Will Heal Your Soul 

toddler ostrich

A toddler had an adorable run-in with an ostrich while his parents drove through a safari park, and he was so overwhelmed with happiness that he burst into the best uncontrollable laughter.

Human Kind shared a YouTube video of the meeting back in 2017. And over the past few days, it’s been popping back up on social media because the “pure joy” captured at the time is absolutely contagious.

The clip shows the toddler sitting in his car when a hungry ostrich pops in to eat some food. His mother offers a cup of seed to the bird, and he digs in by pecking with full gusto.

The little boy cannot handle how funny the animal looks while it eats, and he laughs so hard he can barely breathe. He throws his head back while enjoying belly laughs and his parents love every minute of it.

In the comments, people can’t get over how happy the toddler is when he watches the ostrich dine, and they join in his “infectious” laughter.

“When babies laugh it is so real,” one person shared.

“Awe he has the most adorable laugh!” someone gushed.

“Infectious just can’t help laughing along,” a commenter admitted.

The little boy didn’t only enjoy the ostrich, though. Before the bird finished his food, some more animals flooded the windows to check out the commotion. The toddler was equally impressed with their antics, as well!

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