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“Stand Here If You Had A Bad Day,” Musician Lifts Strangers’ Spirits With Songs Just For Them

A man holds up a sign that reads "stand here if you had a bad day" as a woman starts to approach him.

Music is powerful. The right song at the right time can, quite literally, save someone’s life. This is something that musician Fulton Lee clearly recognizes. Many of his songs are made to lift up those who are struggling. Best of all, he’ll often take these very songs to complete strangers who need them the most. One of these songs, Close to the Edge, got particularly popular last year because of it.

But that’s not the only time Fulton has taken to the streets to help strangers. He’s gone on to do this with lots of others, including the woman in the video below. Here, we can see that the singer has created quite the clever and caring setup. He stands off to the side, holding a sign that reads “stand here if you had a bad day.” On the sidewalk, closer to where pedestrians pass, there’s a chalk-drawn circle. When this woman spots it, she doesn’t hesitate to stand right in the middle.

A man holds up a sign that reads "stand here if you had a bad day" as a woman starts to approach him.

“Well, yep… I’ve had a bad day,” the woman admits, unable to hide the emotion in her voice.

In turn, Fulton puts down his sign so he can pick up his guitar and mic. It’s clear that the woman is all-the-more confused by what’s goin on, but she sticks around — and boy is she glad she did.


And it was raining too 🥹 — (Song: “Alright” by Fulton Lee)

♬ original sound – Fulton Lee

“Maybe your heart is breaking or maybe you just feel alone,” Fulton sings. “Or maybe you just can’t see through rains that’s pouring from the storm. Well, what if I told you that it’s still a beautiful day. Cause way above the clouds the sun is shining — can’t you feel it, babe?”

Kind-Hearted Musician Sings Uplifting Songs for Strangers

In taking the time to sing to this woman, Fulton was able to turn her whole day around. How cool is that?

“You have no idea how I needed to hear that today,” she admits. “Thank you.”

Not all of us have the ability to serenade strangers with beautiful songs, but Fulton’s kindness is a great reminder that every act of kindness matters, no matter how big or small.

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