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“Here Ye, Here Ye!” We’re Reliving The Most Epic Promposal That Ever Was


It’s prom season once again, which means millions of teenagers are smiling over their creative promposals while they search for the perfect tux or gown. And while we know that each and every promposal is special and memorable, this Monty Python-themed spectacle will always be among our personal favorites.

This hilarious promposal video first made its rounds on social media in May 2023, and it instantly grabbed the attention of several generations thanks to its pop-culture ties.

In it, Sir Gavin Gillig, “destroyer of porcelain,” asks Miss Gianna Masterlasco to the “royal gala”—aka prom. And he brought several of his friends into the show.

Sir Gavin’s friend announced his presence by playing a trumpet outside Gianna’s home. While she stood in the doorway, Gavin, a “town crier,” and a knight rode up on a stick horse while one of the teens added hoof-stomp sounds.

Gavin, dressed in a crown and long cape, dismounted from his trusty steed and stood idol while the crier asked the important question.

Sir Gavin Won Miss Gianna’s Heart With His Clever Promposal

“Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,” the teen shouts while reading a scroll. “Sir Gavin Gillig, son of Sir Trevor Gillig. First of his name, Destroyer of Porcelain, Tamer of the Beast Chewbacca, Slayer of Books, and Scourge to All Things That Smell Nice and Clean, cordially invites you, Gianna Masterlasco, to the royal gala filled with fun fellowship and fellow acquaintances on 6 May, 2023 the year of our Lord.”

“What is your response, Madam?” he continues.

Gianna, of course, says,”yes.”

To add a hysterical twist, when the camera returns to the town crier, it shows that the scroll he was reading did not actually reveal his lines. Instead, it simply read, “Prom?” in large letters.

After the town crier handed Gianna the scroll and placed a crown on her head, he, the king, and the other teens mounted the horse and rode off into the sunset, happy to have had a successful promposal.

We hope the couple had as much fun at the royal gala as they did while filming the video.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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