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What Happens When A Senior Golden Retriever Has To Choose Between Mom And A Burger?

A woman looks at her golden retriever, who is sitting in front of a burger.

When this golden retriever mom decided to try the “rock, paper, scissors” food challenge with a delicious burger, she had no idea her pooch’s response would be so wholesome! If you’re not familiar with the viral social media trend, it’s pretty simple. Two players compete in an epic rock, paper, scissors battle over a fast food meal. Each round, the winner gets to take as many bites as they can while the loser has to run a specified distance back and forth.

Since the point of the game is to shovel down as much of the meal as possible, Mackenzie Cann expected her dog to excel. What golden retriever wouldn’t love to snarf down a burger while mom has her back turned? However, when Mackenzie took off running, the 13-year-old dog showed no interest in the unattended food. His eyes were locked on Mom while he waited for her to return!


sobbing over my burger & fries rn. 🥹 #seniordog

♬ Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex

“Tried to do the rock, paper, scissors trend with my 13-year-old dog and I was not expecting this,” she wrote in her video.

She added in her caption, “Sobbing over my burger and fries rn.”

This senior golden retriever is stealing hearts online.

Commenters were so touched that the golden retriever refused to eat the burger until his owner came back.

“He chose you over the food,” one person wrote.

A woman looks at her golden retriever, who is sitting in front of a burger.
Screengrab from TikTok

Others joked about how their own pets definitely wouldn’t have shown the same level of consideration!

“The way mine would just eat the burger before the video would start,” said a user.

“My dog would have inhaled it and the paper,” added another.

To get a better idea of how the rock, paper, scissors challenge usually goes, here’s a video from couple Rainney and Neen. In this clip, husband and wife are eager to beat each other to the burger, fries, and shake on the table. Be aware that there is some NSFW language, although most of it is hard to hear through the mouthfuls of food!

Mackenzie’s senior golden retriever may not have won the burger in the rock, paper, scissors challenge, but he certainly won his mom’s heart. In a later post, the owner added that she and her pooch split the meal afterwards.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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