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Cat Mom Shares How Kitty Hilariously “Fights Me” Until She Plays His Favorite Song

A cat bites his owner's hand.

Music can have a profound impact on our mood — just ask this cat who refuses to calm down until he hears his favorite song! A pet owner on social media shared the funniest video of her kitty’s reaction to hearing “My Love Mine All Mine” by Mitski. Before the song played, the cat was biting his mom’s hand. However, once he heard the music start, he immediately settled down!

“He fights me till I play his fave song,” Mom wrote in her video.

In the caption, she added, “He gets so emotional with the song like he understands it.”

In another video, Mom demonstrated what her cat does when she tries to pause the song. As soon as she started to reach for the button on her computer screen, the kitty grabbed her hand with his paws. He also bit her repeatedly to keep her from stopping the music! Eventually, she was able to fend the fierce feline off for long enough to hit pause.

“Are you mad at me?” the cat mom asked.

In response, he turned his back to her, looking deeply upset!

Commenters have suggested several other songs for this cat mom to try out on her picky pet. Some have gone over better than others! For example, in this video, he really seemed to enjoy Mitski’s “Star.” Unfortunately, “I Bet on Losing Dogs” sent the kitty into a little bit of a temper tantrum.

It turns out that Mistki isn’t the only artist that this feline loves. When his owner played him a song by Laufey, the cat really seemed to get into it!


SONG RECOMMENDATIONS IN COMMENTS Sorry for past vid comments but theres to many and i lose them #fyp #viral #trending #funny #cat #catsoftiktok #kitten #kittensoftiktok #cute#sad #cutecat #laufey @laufey

♬ original sound – ✨mitskitty✨

We’re not sure why this cat loves the songs that he does, but we can tell he certainly has some strong opinions on music. If you have any listening recommendations for this kitty, comment on one of his videos!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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