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This Man And His Deaf And Blind Puppy Have “The Greatest Love Story,” Watch

man and puppy love

The love shared between a man and his puppy is unmatched — and we have a heartwarming example of this below.

On Instagram, the dashboard_doggos are a “family full of fosters & rescues.” They consist of Lily (“sweet hospice foster”), Nellie, (“the deaf/blind pup”), Millie (their “little human peanut”), and two (human) parents.

Each child — both dogs and humans included — has their own special bond with their father. However, Nellie’s connection to her dog dad is truly a special love story.

Several users commented on the touching video of the cuddly deaf/blind Nellie, who is clearly a daddy’s girl. The love between the man and his puppy is evident as they nap together on the couch. Nellie rests her head on her father’s shoulder, seemingly feeling safe and comfortable.

“It’s something about a Cocker spaniel sleeping peacefully. They’re the best! So happy yall kept her,” one person wrote.

Nellie the Deaf and Blind Puppy Steals Her Owners’ Hearts, a True Love Story

In February of 2023, the dashboard_doggos introduced sweet Nellie to their followers with a beautiful post.

“Nellie and her sister were dumped by a breeder because they have a genetic condition causing them to be deaf and blind. Nellie is considered a Fighter Fund Foster within the rescue because she’ll require extra vetting, special care, and will have to live with a foster (us!) longer than most 🤗 (Her sister found an amazing foster too!),” they wrote in the caption of a precious Instagram video of Nellie cuddling her new mom.

“She’s the sweetest 5lb Cocker Spaniel who LOVES to snuggle & smother you in kisses 🥰 … Our goal is to show her she can do anything the big pups can (!) and that her hardships will only make us love her more. Get ready for a new life, sweet girl, because we’re going to make sure it’s the best one you could have 🖤”

The love between the man and his puppy (as well as the other family members) has blossomed ever since.

Recently, dashboard_doggos shared an update-video of Nellie interacting with her new (human!) sibling, Millie. The video is proof that love is truly blind.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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