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Toddler’s Impression Of Mom When She’s Tired & Frustrated Is Too Relatable

Close up of a man laughing as he holds his laughing toddler.

You know how kids are always watching and observing the behavior of the people around them? Both Brennan Doherty and his wife, Nicole, were reminded of this in the most adorable way recently. But before this wholesome moment happened, the Doherty family experienced what they call their “first big scare” with the 15-month-old.

“We had our first big scare with him earlier that day that culminated in an ambulance stopping by the house to make sure everyone was safe,” Brennan explains. “Nicole was trying to keep as calm as possible, but it turns out the lights and sirens were all that was needed to put the crying to an instant stop. We both love making mom laugh, and this seemed to do the trick!”

@boo5977 Whats mama sound like? #boymom ♬ original sound – Boo5977

It seems that this may have been what inspired the toddler to do a spot-on impression of Mom. In the video above, 15-month-old Huxley is asked, “What does mama sound like?” His reply? A deep and powerful sigh. No matter if you’re a mom or not, I think we can all agree that this sigh is such a mood.

“Poor mama,” one person in the comments writes. “Go get her flowers, chocolates, and a massage right now.”

Toddler Pulls Off a Hilariously Accurate Impression of His Exhausted Mom

“His little smirk,” someone points out about Huxley. “He knows what he’s doing.”

“Not you two already roasting her,” someone else jokingly notes.

Don’t worry — the roasting is all in good fun. Nicole is clearly both impressed and amused by her son’s impression. In fact, she was behind the camera of the video egging him on the whole time. Plus, it really does seem like this was exactly what this stressed mom needed after such a tough day.

“The impression is hysterical,” Nicole admits, “and spot-on.”

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