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Kevin Bacon’s Hilariously Chaotic Grocery Run Is All Of Us When We’re Shopping

Kevin Bacon records himself talking to the camera as he grocery shops.

There’s no right or wrong way to go grocery shopping… that said, you really shouldn’t go without a list. This rule of thumb is one that all of us know and, yet, it also seems that just about all of us break that rule at some point in our lives. The result? Absolute chaos. Turns out, this is true for celebrities like Kevin Bacon, too. The actor even shared a video of a recent shopping trip to prove how much of a mess it is to not have a list.

In this hilarious video, Bacon shares clips of himself exploring the store. As you’d imagine, without a list, he can’t help but be tempted to browse even the most random spots in the store, convinced that maybe he could use a greeting card or some toys. Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels, after all?

But the chaos of Bacon’s shopping trip doesn’t end once he’s gathered all of his purchases. First, he has to go through the process of trying to find his car in the parking lot. Once that mission is accomplished, he shares a very important detail about this trip.

“By the way, the whole reason that I went shopping today was because I was trying to get a six pack of beer,” Bacon shares. “Turns out, I can’t buy it until afternoon. Anyways, that’s that.”

Grocery Shopping With Kevin Bacon Proves to be All-Too Relatable

Kevin Bacon sadly holds a piece of broken umbrella in each hand while standing in the rain

Naturally, this chaotic video ends in the most fitting and relatable way: Bacon drops a bag, spilling its content onto the floor. Fans were quick to reassure Bacon he’s not alone in his struggle. Best of all, though, even Bacon’s wife had something to say!

“I never ever ever go to the grocery store without a list,” Kyra Sedgwick shares. “I cannot be trusted because I spend the whole time considering 1 million things that I don’t need.”

“This is why it takes so long in the supermarket,” a fan points out.

“This is the most realest and funniest post I’ve ever seen from a celebrity,” another adds.

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