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Llama Hilariously Gets A Little Too Up Close & Personal With Women At Drive-Through Safari

Left image shows two llamas leaning in the open window of a car. Right image shows one llama putting his entire head into the car.

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The Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo, TN, allows visitors to drive through the park to get a close-up view of the animals. A feisty llama got a little too close for two women. The women were driving along slowly, with a llama keeping pace with the car. The llama’s motion looked a little indecent, but he was only walking and running to keep up with the vehicle.

They stopped to feed the llama. The passenger opened the door with a bucket of food ready, and the driver said, “No, not the door!” A second llama appeared while the first one turned toward the now-open window. The first llama stuck its head into the car as the passenger struggled to toss the bucket of food onto the ground.

What happened next caused a volley of unintelligible words — we’re sure the driver’s mother would disapprove. The llama sneezed or spit right into the front seat! There was llama snot everywhere! It even sprayed as far as the driver. Both women were howling with laughter as the llamas turned to the kibbles they had tossed out.

Left image shows a llama keeping pace with a slowly moving car. Right image shows two llamas waiting for food to be handed out of an open car window.
Image from Facebook.

At the Tennessee Safari Park, guests may walk through a portion of the park or do the drive-through safari. The bucket of feed the women had with them is an item that can be purchased at the park. The website states that animals may approach vehicles to visit with guests. There is no warning about potential llama secretions.

Llamas can be personable, but also unpredictable. Sometimes, they may opt for a dance with humans; other times, they may shower a person with icky moisture. We hope you enjoyed these llama antics.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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