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Real MVPs: How Tim Tebow Foundation Fights For The Most Vulnerable People In the World.

Tim Tebow looks down at the child he's carrying in his arms. A group of people follow behind them as they walk through what appears to be a village.
Tim Tebow Foundation and InspireMore have teamed up to create this 6-part article series The Real MVPs: How Tim Tebow Foundation is Fighting For the Most Vulnerable People In the World. You can learn more about TTF and join the fight here.

For the past nine years, InspireMore has sought to bring hope to others by shining a light on all of the amazing individuals, families, and organizations who serve as reminders of an important fact: There is still so much good left in the world. And we wouldn’t have been able to do so without you, our lovely InspireMore community! That’s why we are happy to share that, in order to further reach our goal of spreading hope, we have a new collaboration for our Causes That Matter… the Tim Tebow Foundation!

Read on to learn more about the incredible ways the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF) is changing the lives of the most vulnerable communities around the world and how you can help.

15-year-old Tim Tebow smiling as he poses for a photo with seven little kids.
Tim Tebow Foundation

The Heartwarming Origin Of The Tim Tebow Foundation

At only 15 years old, Tim Tebow found himself serving others in the jungles of the Philippines. He had the opportunity to meet and help a number of people in this remote village, but a boy named Sherwin, who was born with his feet backwards, especially left a lasting impact on his heart.

Tim Tebow looks down at the child he's carrying in his arms. A group of people follow behind them as they walk through what appears to be a village.
Tim Tebow Foundation

Instead of receiving the support and love he deserved, many people in Sherwin’s village viewed him as cursed, insignificant, and a throwaway. In seeing the way this kid was being treated, Tim began to feel called by God to use his resources to find ways to help, not only Sherwin, but all of the other countless folks who society has cast aside.

In the years that followed that fateful trip to the Philippines, Tim became known as an MVP in the world of football. But in that same time, his focus began to shift from just sports to helping others, too. Referring to those in need as the Most Vulnerable People on Earth (MVP), in 2010 TTF was officially on course to changing lives all around the world.

A medical professional smiles and gives a thumbs up as he holds a little boy in his arms, who is also smiling and giving a thumbs up. The little boy has wrappings on his legs, indicating he may have had a procedure.
Tim Tebow Foundation

The Incredible Impact Of The Time Tebow Foundation

Since TTF was created 13 years ago, they’ve used their pillars of Faith, Hope, and Love to positively impact those in need in 86 nations and counting. While each of their struggles and stories are unique, the foundation seeks to help those that fall under these four main areas of focus:

  • Orphan Care + Prevention
  • Special Needs Ministry
  • Profound Medical Needs
  • Anti-Human Trafficking + Child Exploitation
Time Tebow, along with others, stand in a circle, arms around one another, as the bow their heads in prayer.
Tim Tebow Foundation

TTF aims to help those in need with an urgency, understanding that for too many, the help they need simply can’t wait. They recognize that to make an impact, it takes a group of people coming together so that lives can be changed in ways that none of us could ever achieve alone — and that’s where you come in, our dear InspireMore community.

We hope that you’ll join us in showing support for the Tim Tebow Foundation as they continue to find more ways to help the world’s most vulnerable people get the help they need and deserve. In addition to making a donation, there are lots of ways to get involved, all of which can be found on their website.

Before you go, watch this video to learn more from Tim about TTF and how they stay focused on the mission with their 5 non-negotiables.

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