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Woman Shares A Series Of Precious Emails From Her 91-Yr-Old Grandfather

An email from a grandpa including a photo of him wearing a jacket.

Could there be anything more wholesome than this 91-year-old grandpa’s emails to his family? Granddaughter Madison Taylor treasures her online correspondence with the elderly man. In fact, she thinks Grandpa Norman’s emails are so heartwarming, she just had to share some of her favorites on TikTok. We think they’re pretty cute, too!

In this grandpa’s emails to his loved ones, it’s clear to see that he’s an incredibly generous person. Many of his messages are about clothing or food items he wants to offer to his family members. For example, when he had special jackets for his 90th birthday, the elderly man was quick to ask if anyone wanted one. He even included a photo of himself modeling the garment.

An email from a grandpa including a photo of him wearing a jacket.
Screengrab from TikTok

In other emails, Grandpa Norman passed along some of his wisdom and life advice. Some of these messages were practical, such as his hot tips on shopping at Costco.

“If you live near a Costco, even though many of their items are ‘super-sized,’ they have many good deals, including pharmaceuticals, furniture, and appliances,” he wrote.

An email from a grandpa including some advice about shopping at Costco.
Screengrab from TikTok

Other times, he had something more motivational to share. One of the notes his granddaughter saved included some wise words from his father (her great-grandfather).

“As I was growing up, my father told me: 1. Stay humble. 2. Work hard. 3. Remember how lucky we are,” Grandpa Norman said.

An email from a grandfather including a list of life advice.
Screengrab from TikTok

Grandpa Norman’s emails may be reaching a wider audience soon!

Commenters loved reading the sweet emails Grandpa Norman sent to his family. In fact, some people were eager to get emails like these themselves!

“Can I be added to the email chain?” one person joked.

Another wrote, “Can he send us emails too? These are so sweet. Maybe a weekly newsletter.”

Madison Taylor loved this idea so much, she actually replied to the message!

“That is an AMAZING idea!!!” she wrote back. “He can send me them and I can post them for you guys?!”

We would definitely sign up to receive Grandpa Norman’s email newsletter!

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