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Cat Dubbed “Officer Donut” Wanders Into Police Department & Immediately Gets A Job!

A police officer and a cat staring into the camera together.

You’ve heard of police dogs, but the Kentwood Police Department in Michigan has a cat instead! His qualifications include being super friendly and adorable. Lovingly named “Officer Donut,” this kitty got the job a year ago when he started hanging out at the police department every day. Although he already had a family, they decided he’d be much happier in a new home. His fellow officers loved having him around!

Of course, before this police cat could begin working at the department, he had to get chipped and neutered at the vet. Everyone contributed to the kitty’s medical expenses. Once this was taken care of, Officer Donut got right to work! Some of his duties included patrolling the cop cars for treats and climbing onto the computer while his coworkers entered their reports.

After a year of service, this police cat is headed for retirement.

Unfortunately, Officer Donut will be handing in his resignation pretty soon. Once the Kentwood Police Department brings in their new dogs, it won’t be as safe for the cat to keep hanging around.

“We’re going to have another new officer over here. A new canine program that’s starting up,” Captain Tim Wieringa told WZZM. “We just need to make sure that everybody gets along. And sometimes I think cats and dogs don’t always mix.”

A police officer and a cat staring into the camera together.
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Don’t worry, though: Officer Donut will not be without a home! The police department’s administrative assistant is adopting the cat, and she can’t wait to have him all to herself. However, Captain Wieringa says that everyone expects the employee to take the kitty to visit his old friends now and then.

“I don’t think that she’s going to be able to get away without bringing Donut in for a couple of trips every once in a while,” he joked.

We’re wishing Officer Donut all the best in his new home!

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