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Tommy Chong Shares The Wholesome Way Zootopia Changed His Mindset

Image shows Zootopia character Yax the Yak, voiced by Tommy Chong.

Few people realize that Tommy Chong did the voice of Yax the Yak for the Disney animated movie Zootopia. In discussing the movie during a podcast interview, Chong stated that the movie had a big impact on his life.

In the movie, the yak reminds us of Tommy Chong long before “Zootopia.” His acting career began with the 1978 movie “Up In Smoke” with Cheech Marin. He has appeared in 70 movies and TV series, including 65 episodes of the popular series “That 70s Show.” He also played his character, Leo Chingkwake, in the sequel series, “That 90s Show.”

Tommy Chong has also played for sold-out comedy show audiences and produced comedy albums with Cheech Marin. Before comedy, he was a guitarist with Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers. He is credited as a co-writer on their only hit song, “Does Your Mama Know About Me.” The band didn’t do well but played with a very young Jimi Hendrix. Chong was also instrumental in getting the Jackson Five to sign with Motown Records.


Just keep howling at the moon, man ✌️🍃

♬ original sound – Cheech & Chong

In almost every role, Chong plays a slow-speaking, seemingly high individual with slow processing skills. Tommy Chong has been playing the stoner for so long that it is ingrained in his personality. Zootopia is no different. In the movie, he helps visitors navigate the confusing landscape of The Mystic Spring Oasis, which is a Naturalist Club (most people spell that Nudest Club).

Advice From Tommy Chong In The World Of Zootopia

Tommy Chong says Zooptopia had a positive effect on him. In the movie, he said, “I saw that there’s a place for everybody, in this planet, you know.” He goes on to describe the varying animals represented, mentioning their sizes. Chong mentions that his character was a yak. He continues, saying, “In Zootopia, everybody does what they’re good at.” Using the wolves as an example, he says they’re good at howling, so they howl.

Images show actor Tommy Chong discussing the message he got from the movie Zootopia.
Image from TikTok.

Zootopia is based on the idea of Utopia, or a perfect society. Although the citizens in the Zootopia world are all animals, they walk upright, wear clothes (well, most of them, anyway), and speak English. Throughout the movie, the resounding theme is that everyone lives and works together peacefully. If only we could apply that principle to Earth.

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