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Editorial Standards


InspireMore’s goal is to brighten the world and spread hope by building a vibrant brand and community that people turn to daily for inspiration. The world can be a dark place and our passion is finding those pockets of light and bringing them out into the open, showcasing them so people know there is good in the world.

The editorial team aspires to achieve these goals through uplifting content and media and to constantly strive to report truth in the most positive way possible. Whether it’s the heroes who appear after a national disaster or animals behaving in a way that makes you smile, we highlight these moments to cheer up our users and spread hope.

Sourcing Standards

InspireMore content should come from trusted sources which include but are not limited to: credible news organizations, academic journals, first-hand accounts, interviews, published research by experts, and local news reports. Untrustworthy sites include any that are easily editable by the public (i.e. Wikipedia).

Anonymous Sourcing

In the cases where the source is anonymous, the author or editorial team will look into facts and details to determine their validity. When necessary, messages are sent to those involved and fact-checking websites like Snopes.com are consulted.

Graphic Content/Profanity

InspireMore makes it a policy to not cover stories with graphic content or profanity. However, if there is a story that is determined to be worthy of coverage, the editorial team will provide a warning before the content that allows readers to exit out off the page. If profanity appears in quotes it is either replaced with a less offensive word in brackets or taken out with a colored line or blur.

Fact Checking/ Accuracy/ Fairness

Authors for InspireMore are tasked with the job of researching assigned topics and finding multiple sources before submitting content. Our team seeks to be accurate and honest in all sourcing and reporting

InspireMore does not post fake news or deceptive headlines. However, if a piece of published content is disproven, it triggers an immediate internal investigation and will be corrected or completely removed from the site if necessary.

Readers can report fact errors via the form found here.

Revisions To Published Stories

InspireMore does everything in its power to prevent any mistakes, but when they occur our editorial team will immediately look into the issue and make any corrections necessary to make the content as accurate as possible.

Feedback Policy

A contact link is available in our website footer where anyone can submit inquiries or corrections to our team. These submissions are reviewed and researched by our editorial team to determine their validity and responded to promptly.

Bias & Ethics Guidelines


Copying of another’s work to be passed off as InspireMore material is not tolerated. If any plagiarism is found or claims of plagiarism are made it will prompt an immediate internal review and if these claims are founded, it will result in disciplinary action.

No content shall bring grief or damage to reputations unless proven by an authoritative source (i.e reporting on crime committed and listing the perpetrator).

Political Affiliations

InspireMore has no political affiliations and avoids in all its forms the appearance of bias.

Content Creators

Creators of content are clearly indicated on each page. In cases where a creator does not wish or is not set up to be listed as author, the byline is portrayed as InspireMore Staff and the creator’s name and credentials are listed inside or below the post.