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Service Dog And Pluto Have The Cutest Freak-Out After Spotting Each Other On Disney Cruise

Images show Pluto playing with a disabled passenger's service dog on a Disney Cruise.

Golden retriever Forest is a multi-purpose service dog that belongs to Ashton. She is wheelchair-bound, but having Forest allows her to travel more independently. The duo recently enjoyed a Disney Cruise. Forest is fond of the life-sized characters that roam the ship, but his favorite is Pluto. He even has a small stuffed Pluto that he carries around. In a moment caught on video, the service dog met Pluto in real life!


Disney’s Pluto caught sight of one of his biggest fans, a golden retriever service dog named Forest. Watch what happens next! #animalkind #dogsoftiktok #servicedogs #wholesome @Disney

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As soon as the golden retriever saw his hero, his tail began wagging. As a trained service dog, Forest did not leave Ashton’s side until he got a verbal release from her. When permission was granted, the service dog rushed to Pluto’s side. The two immediately went into cuddle-puddle mode with a playful meet-and-greet. It seemed the two were best friends immediately!

While on a "working vacation," service dog Forest got to meet Pluto. Images show the two engaged in a cuddle-puddle of love rolling around on the floor together.
Image from TikTok.

The actor in the Pluto costume did a fantastic job staying in character throughout the exchange. While most of their hugs are probably from children and a few adults, Pluto treats Forest like any other fan. He gets down on the floor, rolls with Forest, and then gives the service dog some belly rubs.

Service dog enjoying a break and visit with Pluto during a Disney cruise.
Image from TikTok.

Employees on Disney Cruise ships are trained to ignore service animals unless their handler grants permission. This exchange was a textbook-perfect example of how to approach a service dog and its handler. Pluto approached Ashton slowly as she explained that he was her dog’s favorite. Once he was close, Ashton gave Forest a verbal release, and he ran right up to Pluto.

This is such a wholesome exchange. Even though Forest was on a “working vacation,” we’re glad he got to experience some Disney magic. If you enjoyed this happy puppy love-fest, please share.

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