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Skater In Inflatable Chicken Suit Wins Unique Competition With Hilarious And Impressive Routine

Images show a person figure skating in an inflatable chicken suit.

Who knew this was a thing? Apparently, during the 2023 Figure Skating Showcase, there was an “inflatables” event. Inflatables are funny suits you can wear. They inflate with a tiny motor. There are dinosaurs, unicorns, and almost everything you can imagine. You have probably seen videos of them mowing the grass, clearing snow, or meeting Grandma at the airport. There were various costumes at the figure skating competition, including an inflatable chicken, an eagle, and even a Sumo wrestler.

Figure skating is impressive by itself. When you combine this talent with an inflatable suit, you would expect hilarity to ensue. But that is not exactly what happened. The competition gold medal winner wore an inflatable chicken suit and nailed the routine.

Skating to the song “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, the skater embraces the music and makes us believe they can fly. The song discusses depression and rising from it to soar, which might be a sensitive subject. As you watch the routine, the skater uses the costume to provide emphasis and meaning to the dance. You can imagine the figure skating inflatable chicken trying to fly as they perform intentionally stumbling jumps.

Left image shows a figure skater in an inflatable chicken suit, from the left side, while performing a jump. Right image shows another jump with wings outstretched from the front.
Images from YouTube.

Each choreographed move is executed perfectly, although clumsily, with awkward precision. It is easy to see how the judges scored this as a gold-medal performance. The skater was in character throughout the routine, allowing us to “see” the music come to life.

Even for those who are not fans of figure skating, this routine is worth a watch. It is a fun part of the competition, but this skater understood the assignment. They provided superb entertainment, showcased their talent, and hopefully had as much fun as the audience.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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