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Woman’s Drunken Plea To Her Father Turns Into Incredibly Heartwarming Transformation

Left image shows a father and daughter phone conversation with her telling him he needs to make changes in his lifestyle. Right image shows a healthy meal he began eating after the conversation.

Almost every adult has suffered the ravages of black-cord fever a time or two. That’s when you get drunk and call people on the phone in your fuzzy state. The phrase is a carry-over from the time before cell phones when phones had cords. We also call it drunk dialing. No matter what generation you are, you probably get the reference. When one woman called her dad in a fuzzy state, she offered him life-changing advice. Her father made a complete transformation after the call.

Images from a TikTok slideshow showing a phone conversation between a daughter (left) and her father (right).
Image from TikTok.

We don’t know who this father and daughter are, except that her name is Jamie B. But the message in this TikTok slideshow is so wholesome we had to share it. The daughter began the drunk call by telling her dad he needed to take better care of himself. She added that she didn’t want to live in a world without him. The message portrayed care and concern for her dad’s health. After that drunk call, her father made an effort, beginning a transformation of his entire lifestyle.

The two continue texting. Jamie texts her dad what she eats and asks him what’s on his plate. The food looks incredible. Except for the Brussels sprouts, Jamie’s dad thinks those suck.

Images show meals a father began eating after a plea from his daughter caused a healthy rransformation.
Image from TikTok.

While he questions his judgment in listening to “drunk Jamie,” he is making an effort to improve his eating habits. Healthy eating has many benefits; it is never too late to start. Jamie leaves us with the final message: “Give your parents a reason to keep taking care of themselves. Tell them you love them. They aren’t getting any younger.” Her father made a great transformation for his health!

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