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This Hilarious Viral Video Is The Very Definition Of Sibling Love

Every sibling on this planet can likely relate to the viral video below.

True siblings love each other unconditionally — but show it in the worst ways. Sibling love is quite a confusing yet authentic display of emotion. The video below shows a prime example of this.

In the video, a boy is sitting on a soccer ball smiling at his sister. She walks over to him, kisses him on the cheek, then pushes him off the ball before stealing it from him.

Don’t worry though! No one got hurt, and the brother was a great sport about it. In fact, after rolling onto his back in the grass from his sister’s shove, he then sat up smiling and laughing.

“There’s nothing like sibling love. 😅” PEOPLE captioned the post on X.

Sibling Love: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em

According to Psychology Today, “Sibling relationships work best when each member appreciates the similarities between them, and they also respectfully note their differences. If they do experience discord, it is eventually resolved, as opposed to a wound that is maintained as part of the family narrative. Having a shared history gives siblings a connection that helps them navigate life, and it’s a bonus when they enjoy each other’s company.”

Surely, the comfort and emotional safety between siblings allow for more playful discourse — as shown in the above video. Think of them as built-in best friends.

However, also keep in mind that conflict between siblings is completely normal.

“The notion of the cheery harmonious family that never fights is a misnomer,” Psychology Today reports. “Conflict can come in many forms, 85 percent of siblings are verbally aggressive, 74 percent push and shove, and 40 percent are physically aggressive, which can include kicking, punching, and biting.

Thankfully, however, the siblings in the viral video appeared completely harmless, with both parties smiling and laughing together.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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