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“Don’t Eat At Japanese Beaches,” A Man’s Hilarious Warning After Hawk Snatches Sandwich… Twice!

Image shows three frames in a progression, with a hawk stealing food from a young man at a Japanese beach.

In a hilarious episode of “What not to do while touring Japan,” a young man tells us of the horrors he discovered on the beach. It’s pretty hilarious, actually. In a short video clip, we see a young man enjoying a sandwich on the beach. As he was eating, a hawk swooped down to steal his food.


note to myself: dont eat at japanese beaches, this literally happend to me twice #solotravel #japan #fyp #foryou

♬ wooowa ba ba ba ba – peyton

The video opens with a man taking a bite from a sandwich. As the man took a second bite, the hawk flew over his shoulder to steal his food. Deftly grabbing a portion of the man’s sandwich, the hawk flew off with his prize.

Left image shows a man enjoying a sandwich on a Japanese beach. Right image shows a hawks stealing his food.
Image from TikTok.

The young man was touring the island on an electric bike. In a second video, he speaks about the hawk stealing his food.

The young man decided to try eating at the beach again. For the second time during his travels, he lost his sandwich to a bird. Describing the second incident and elaborating on the first, he offers viewers some advice: “Don’t eat on Japanese beaches.” The young man described the birds that stole his sandwiches as “aggressive.”

While visiting Japan, his goal was to see all the beaches. Touring on an electric bike gave him an opportunity to soak in the scenery. He could easily access beaches. His only regret is trying to eat on the beach. After losing two sandwiches to aggressive birds, he changed his preferences to eating in a more covered location. He still had the opportunity to enjoy some amazing scenery. Some images of the beautiful scenery he saw on his travels.

Left image shows a serene beach scene. Right image shows a stone staircase leading down to a beach area.
Image from TikTok.

If you ever have an opportunity to tour Japan, an electric bike and visiting beaches are highly recommended. Please share this story.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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