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A Candid Look.

This is a candid photo.

On my blog, I talk a lot about how my son Jack holds my hand in the parking lot. I thought I’d share the image of our 6’2″ son reaching for his father on a walk through a little town in New Hampshire.

He does it himself. We are happy to let him walk on his own. In some way, I think he is seeking a connection.

He’s always been very affectionate with his dad, more than anyone else.

If I had to guess, I’d say this is when people stare at us the most. When our son, who is taller than both Joe and I, holds our hand in public.

Carrie Cariello

What can I say? Staring never bothered me.

Unless I am having a bad hair day. Then I don’t want anyone looking at me.

Hashtag autism.

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