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Starbucks Barista Mourning Her Mom Breaks Down At Customer’s Act Of Kindness

A woman sits in her car as she starts to cry. She holds a hand up to her mouth.

You never know what someone else is going through. That’s why Courtney from Arkansas is so quick to choose kindness. As a barista at Starbucks, she’s know for finding moments to make someone’s day with a random act of kindness. That happened recently when one customer in particular stood out. It was clear the woman was struggling. In turn, Courtney says she put some “extra pep” in her step to make the woman smile — and it worked!

Because this is the kind of thing Courtney does all the time, she didn’t think much of the interaction. But after a few minutes, that same customer came back to the store with a note for the manager. It was for Courtney. As soon as she read it, this kind-hearted barista was moved to tears. In fact, she can’t help but cry as she recounts the events in the viral video below.

@dopaqueen715 Tik tok! Help me get this message to her! #mysterykindness #goodsamaritan ♬ original sound – Shnortney

Turns out, the customer travels a lot for work. This leads to late nights and early mornings. In the two days she had been in Little Rock, the customer says that Courtney is “the only person I have encountered that has been genuinely kind.”

To fully express how much Courtney’s kindness meant to her, she gave her $200. As amazing as this gift would be for anyone, it especially means the world to this barista who works two other jobs in order to deal with inherited debt. Plus, this Mother’s Day will be the first without her mom who passed last year. Now, thanks to this stranger’s kindness, she can afford to buy a nice urn for her mom.

Customer’s Act of Kindness For Starbucks Barista Leaves Lasting Impact

Now, Courtney hopes to locate this kind customer so she can properly thank her for her life-changing act of kindness. So far, she’s had no luck. Still, Courtney was recently interviewed by CBS to help spread the word.


Wow yall are absolutely beautiful souls ❤️

♬ original sound – Shnortney

Meanwhile, Courtney continues to be blown away by the kindness she’s receiving. In fact, now that her video has gone viral, even more kind strangers are offering to send her money.

In a follow up video, Courtney insists that she wasn’t expecting so many people to want to help her financially — it also wasn’t her intention. So, as grateful as she is for the offers, here’s what she recommends for those who want to help.

“We’re all hurting from something,” Courtney says. “… So I am, by no means, asking for money from anyone. Pay it forward if you feel the need to be kind … Every single one of you have left beautiful comments, and you’re beautiful people, and I wish that I could hug all of you.”

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