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Breathtaking: Trying On My Grandma’s 64-Year-Old Prom Dress

An older woman helps a young woman into a white prom dress.

A young woman breathed life back into her grandma’s prom dress by modeling it on social media, and the results are magical! Musician Andrea Bejar posted the sweetest video on TikTok of her trying on the gown. With a fluffy petticoat underneath, the beautiful white dress looked straight out of a fairytale! According to the post, Andrea’s grandma actually made the garment 64 years ago with help from her mom.

“They hand beaded everything and made the design from scratch,” the TikToker wrote. “It was the first time I tried it on and I felt like a little princess.”

One of the sweetest things about this video is that Andrea’s family was right there with her while she tried on her grandma’s prom dress. It must have meant so much to them to see her honoring the elderly woman’s special creation like that! Commenters loved seeing the gorgeous gown getting a second chance.

“So cute, so special” wrote one user. “I wore my grandma’s prom dress one year.”

“I’m glad you didn’t ‘re-create’ it and say you used your grandma’s prom dress to make your own,” added another. “It’s beautiful as it is.”

This grandma’s prom dress looks stunning on her granddaughter.

An older woman helps a young woman into a white prom dress.
Screengrab from TikTok

Some people noted that, perhaps with some adjustments, it would make an amazing wedding gown.

“With a different petticoat I’d get married in it,” one person said.

“I’d def be wearing that as a wedding dress,” wrote another. “It’s stunning!!!!”

Later, Andrea posted another video of the dress. This time, she shared what it would look like without the petticoat. It was almost like a completely different gown! Both styles were equally lovely, though.


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One of the saddest things about prom dresses is that, like wedding gowns, they’re usually only worn once. It’s wonderful to see a special, hand-stitched garment like this serve multiple generations!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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