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Charleston Chew The Senior Pug Steals Hearts With His Howling

A message taped to a door with pictures of a pug on it.

A senior pug named Charleston Chew went viral online several years ago for his dramatic howling, and the internet still loves him! It all started when his owner taped a note to their apartment door apologizing for the noise. This message included some adorable images of the sweet elderly dog. An X user named Megan was so charmed by the letter, she posted a picture online.

“Hello, Neighbors!” the note read. “My name is Charleston Chew and I’m very sorry for my howling. I’m an old man now, with cataracts, and sometimes I get real scared because I can’t see where I am and can’t find my mom. As I get used to my new place, I will start to settle down. Thanks for being patient with me. I don’t mean to be such a pain.”

At the bottom of the message, there was also a P.S. that read, “When I’m not howling and being bad, I like to sit nicely or take naps.”

Thanks to Megan’s post, tons of internet users fell in love with Charleston Chew and his adorable face. When Sharla, the senior pug’s owner, found out that her pooch was going viral, she was more than delighted. She even created an X account for him, where she posted more adorable pictures. And, yes, she shared footage of the howl that made him famous in the first place.

Hear Charleston Chew’s infamous howl!

In the hilarious clip, Charleston Chew was absolutely distraught that Mom wouldn’t feed him before dinner time. He proceeded to howl pitifully (and loudly) while she tried to reason with the senior pug.

“Sir, we’ve already talked about this,” said Sharla. “You’re not eating lunch right now. It’s too early to eat. You already ate. You have to wait until dinner.”

Sadly, Charleston Chew is no longer with us. In 2019, his mom posted that the dog had passed away at the age of 12. She was absolutely devastated by the loss. However, he still lives on in our memory through his viral post! Sharla wrote on X that it’s been such a comfort to her knowing that her beloved senior pug has touched so many hearts.

“Charleston’s story has been making the rounds again & nothing makes me happier than to see strangers still loving my howling boy,” she said in another post. “The last couple of years have been the most difficult of my life, but seeing his sweetness still affecting people profoundly renews me.”

Rest in peace, Charleston Chew. You were very loved, and still are!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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