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Heartwarming: Woman Shares Decades-Old Photos Of Her Husband’s Support Of Her Art

An old photo of a husband admiring his wife's painting.

A few weeks ago, the internet fell in love with a sweet video of a woman’s husband supporting her art. This clip received 18 million views on social media! Now, the same painter has revealed that her partner was one of the very first people to recognize her talent. She even has the cutest photo evidence to prove it!

Alice Williams, a painter from the South of France, loves sharing her work with the world via social media. However, she’s even more excited to show off her art to her loving and supportive husband! They’ve been together for 60 years, and he’s still floored every time he gets to witness her creativity.

In a recent post, Alice shared an old photo of herself standing before her very first piece of artwork. Then, she followed it up with a picture of her husband admiring it.

“I found a photo of the first painting I ever painted,” the artist wrote over the images. “And my husband was there, watching and supporting my goals…”

An old photo of a husband admiring his wife's painting.
Screengrab from TikTok

Alice ended her post with a more recent photo of her partner enjoying her work.

“And he’s never stopped,” she finished.

Does anyone love anything more than this husband loves his wife’s art?

In another beautiful TikTok slideshow, the painter shared some more precious snapshots of her husband supporting her art. These photos showed him watching her paint and helping her properly store her pieces.

“I love to paint, but…” she wrote in her post. “I love that my husband loves to watch me paint… and always helps.”

An elderly husband watching his wife paint.
Screengrab from TikTok

Commenters were touched by this husband’s genuine support of his wife’s art.

“You can see the pride and love all over his face, you are art to him,” wrote one user.

“Sobbing, this is all I want,” added another.

It’s amazing that, after all their years together, this couple still appreciates and cherishes each other. This is the kind of marriage that most people dream of! We hope this wonderful husband continues to support his wife’s art for many years to come.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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