Dad’s Brilliant Solution To Toddler’s Meltdown Has 21 Million People Cheering.

It was a regular old day at Walmart when Terel Rico Relz Crawford’s daughter Ari asked for something and was told no.


Like many other three year olds, Ari was not pleased. She began to scream and carry on in the store, her cries carrying throughout the aisle and drawing the ire of irritated shoppers. Without skipping a beat, Terel scooped the squirming child up and brought her outside to the parking lot.


This is a scene that’s played out zillions of times in parking lots all over the globe. A child throws a tantrum and instead of bothering others, the parent removes the child from the situation and hopes they calm down. Terel knew exactly what he was doing as he plunked the toddler onto the hood of his car to wait out the storm, and he decided to drop a little knowledge about parenting while he had some spare time.

Terel began to record video on his phone, starting the recording with nothing more than a stern, utterly unimpressed, hard stare directly into the camera. Behind him Ari snuffled and whined, but you can tell her heart’s not in it. That’s when Terel starts speaking directly to exhausted parents everywhere.


“This is what happens when you spoil your kids,”he says. He explains that he was raised “in the ghetto,” so it’s only natural to want to spoil your own kids with the stuff he could never have. Yet he urges parents that even if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, “don’t put one in your kid’s mouth.â€

Addressing Ari over his shoulder, he tells her, “I’m not taking you back into Walmart until you stop with your mess.â€

She immediately begins to quiet as she hears her dad continue. “I don’t beat my kids,”he says. “I take stuff from them. I make them sit down.”Terel says his own mother beat him, “but he wants to do a little bit better by his own kids. His technique is simple: he refuses to put up with nonsense like tantrums. He doesn’t get mad; he doesn’t yell or hit, he simply sits down and waits them out because he’s “the grown-up.”


“If your children don’t learn by you teaching, then who are they going to learn by? We buy the stuff they get. We take it away from them when they don’t deserve it.â€

After a few moments Ari begins to settle down, clearly tired of the drama and ready to continue on with her day. Terel doesn’t berate her for her outburst, he simply asks her if she’s ready to go back into the store. Soon the pair does just that, with Ari sated and Terel well on his way to becoming a viral superstar.

Terel’s sage yet practical parenting advice has now been viewed by over 21 million people!


We couldn’t agree more with Terel’s take on dealing with public meltdowns! Instead of getting frazzled, next time try simply removing the child from the situation and calmly waiting for them to settle down. Just leaving the store is usually punishment enough!

Watch the video below to hear Terel’s thoughts on parenting during meltdowns, and be sure to share.

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