Man Looks Up To See Stunning Rare Snownado & Catches It On Film.

Nature is incredibly beautiful. You only to look out your window to see something that in its everyday state is astonishingly stunning, like a field of flowers or a crystalline icicle. And sometimes, we’re gifted with a rare natural event like a crazy lightning storm or glimmering frost that is so breathtaking, it’s hard to believe it’s real.

Michał Bielaś caught one such event earlier this week while at Tatrzański Park Narodowy in Poland. The video shows a gorgeous hilly landscape covered in a blanket of snow and heavily inhibited by what look to be tall dark green pine trees.


As stunning of a scene as it is, the snow tornado that Michał is following with his camera is what’s truly magnificent.


The wind tunnel spins in an expanding helix at a shockingly fast speed, lifting with it transparent sheaths of powdery snow. It almost looks like a column of smoke billowing out of a chimney, save for the fact that it moves quickly down a small hill before evaporating into a dusty cloud.


I’ve never seen anything quite like and am not sure that I ever will in real life. It’s what winter wonderland dreams are made of, and I can’t imagine a more perfect place to visit during the holiday season.

It seems like Michał got to witness a gorgeous holiday miracle. See the incredible video below. Share this incredible natural phenomenon today.

Posted by Michał Bielaś on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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