Teen Rushes Towards Cries In Secluded Park, Comes Face-To-Face With 3 Knife-Wielding Robbers.

While walking through a park on Christmas Eve, 17-year-old Franze Böhm heard screams that shook him to the core. Böhm was on holiday in Berlin, Germany spending his evening photographing homeless in the park when the screams pierced through the night.

Böhm followed the screams to a secluded area of the park when a small clearing and disturbing scene came into view. Three men, all brandishing knives, had surrounded a man in a menacing way. The man screamed one more time before Böhm lept into action and let loose a yell of his own, which momentarily distracted the antagonists and gave the man a chance to run away.


When they realized the man had escaped, all three attackers lunged at Böhm with their knives. Thankfully, Böhm is a student of the Israeli defensive martial art, Krav Maga, and was able to block every blow the men tried to land.

After repeated attacks, Böhm finally found an opening and bashed one of the men in the face with his fist. The blow was enough to convince the attackers to flee and left Böhm alone in the park.

And so, against all odds, this brave young man triumphed and saved the life of another.

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