Zookeeper Brings Home Orphaned Chimp, But Mama Dog’s Immediate Bond Leaves Him Awe-Struck.

Remember Koko, the gorilla who used sign language to ask for a pet kitten, then raised it as if it were her own baby? Stories about inter-species relationships like that pop up every once in a while, and the only possible reaction is just, “Awwww.”This is one of those stories.

At a zoo in Russia, a baby chimpanzee was left an orphan after its mother died, so an employee brought the little one home to provide the care it so desperately needed.

As it turned out, that employee also had a 100 lb. dog whose maternal instincts were especially strong, since she’d recently given birth to her own litter.


Seemingly without a second thought, the dog happily took on the role of surrogate mother and this unexpected canine-primate bond was sealed almost immediately!


The baby chimp immediately took to its new siblings, too!


“Oh my gosh it just makes you wanna cry and hug these two precious animals!”one viewer wrote after seeing a slideshow on YouTube.

Another summed up the universal reaction: “oooowwwww so SO CUTE!!!!!â€


Watch the slideshow below for some more adorable snapshots of this unlikely pair, and share to warm hearts!

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