Two Dancers Laid On The Ground, But When The Visual Effects Started… Amazing!

Another Kind Of Blue dancing

Only 2 weeks into the 2016 season auditions and the Britain’s Got Talent judges were anxious to find something spectacular. So when a man and woman appeared on stage, dressed in what seemed like regular clothes, they hoped for the best.

Eager to see the act, Simon skipped the explanation portion, saying, “I don’t know what you’re going to do but don’t tell us just show us.”A team of four from Italy and the Netherlands, Another Kind Of Blue proved to be something special indeed!

Two of the team members perform on stage while the other stay behind the scene. By combining dance and visual effects, they transformed the stage into a fantasy world. Their movements are graceful and poised, but with the video projections, it appears as though the dancers are flying through the air and climbing walls. It’s like a dream!

You can see the judges take a mental step back, trying to wrap their heads around what’s actually happening right in front of them. The group did more than impress the judges, they blew them away. They’re exactly what these talent shows yearn for, something new that brings excitement!

It’s not too often you come across a totally new experience, so watch and enjoy Another Kind Of Blue’s out-of-this-world performance!

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