21 Gorgeous Earth Photos Taken From Space

Satellite image of Bora Bora

The Daily Overview is on a mission to help people see the effects we have on our wonderful planet, but from a new perspective–outer space!


This project was inspired by the Overview Effect, which is the sensation astronauts get when looking down on the Earth as a whole from space. This vantage points allows a person to reflect on the Earth’s beautyand fragility all at once, which is exactly what the founders of the Daily Overview hope to inspire in us.

Check out these 21 stunning images below… it could be fun to try and guess what they are before you look at the description!

1. Lamberts Point Pier 6 – Norfolk, Virginia U.S.A.

  • Lamberts Point Pier 6 - Daily OverviewDigital Globe via Daily Overview

    “Train cars filled with coal are stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Operated by the Norfolk Southern corporation, Lamberts Point Pier 6 is the largest coal-loading station in the Northern Hemisphere and serves at the temporary depot for the company’s fleet of 23,000 coal cars.”

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