Helpless Toddler Dangles From Balcony, Then Construction Worker Leaps To Rescue In Harrowing Video.

Crisis is when you find out what you’re made of.

In the heart of Singapore, apartment high-rises crowd the air with confusing and twisted passages, dozens of stories tall. One day, while working on a nearby road, workers heard strangled, desperate cries echoing through the air and sprinted to find the cause. What they saw horrified them.


A diapered toddler was screaming for help, caught between the floor of an apartment balcony and the railing that was meant to keep such a tragedy from happening. The child was sandwiched and in terrible pain,

A crowd soon gathered to watch the terrifying scene play out.

A few workers tried to climb to the toddlers aid, but were unable to make it to the balcony ledge. Just when all seemed lost, a man identified by a local publication as a ‘foreign worker’ started climbing to the rescue.


The unidentified worker climbed like a man possessed, reaching the toddler quickly and probably just in time. It took a few moments of jostling, but in less than a minute the worker was able to free the child from what would certainly could have been a death sentence.

Check out the heroic moment he leaps up to relieve the young kid in the video below!

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