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Woman Breathes Life Back Into 1882 House With Gorgeous Vintage Restoration

A young woman paints a door frame in her vintage home.

When this lovely home from 1882 needed a little TLC, one creative soul was willing to undertake the vintage restoration with stunning results! Charlotte Violet has been sharing her renovation journey on social media. Although her house had already received a modern makeover when she moved in, she was able to return some of its Victorian beauty. Now, her home looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale!

In one delightful video, Charlotte shared some of the small aesthetic touches she added during her vintage restoration project. These included mounting some gorgeous, filigreed finger-plates to her doors and hand-painting the frames. She also built herself some awesome shelves for her record collection. These changes, although subtle, went a long way toward bringing back the home’s vintage charm during the renovation!

This creator also shared some of her larger projects online, such as pulling up the carpeting in one room to showcase the original wood floors. Although it would take a lot of effort to complete this step of the vintage restoration, it was totally worth it. Not only were the wood floors great quality, but Charlotte described the carpet as “really itchy.”

Some of the young woman’s other renovation projects were more fantasy-inspired than vintage. For example, she set up a huge, netted hammock in the attic loft, complete with comfy pillows and blankets. She also made a little one for her cat! Leading up to the loft is a ladder, which Charlotte has given a cottagecore treehouse makeover.

If you’re wondering what this 1882 home looked like before its vintage restoration, the creator shared a few images. Her changes have certainly brought out the house’s unique allure!

There was one comment on this video that really stood out to us.

“You ever wonder if houses feel happier when we do things like this for them?” a user wrote. “Like they reminisce and would just love to feel fancy again.”

Isn’t that a sweet idea? We’re sure that, if houses had emotions, Charlotte’s Victorian home would be feeling very special after its adorable vintage restoration.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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