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Grumpy Puppy Can’t Fit On The Stairs Anymore & Wants To Speak To The Manager

Left image show grumpy puppy Juno as she struggles to fit on her favorite step. Right image shows Juno the Anatolian shepherd burying her head in the corner in frustration.

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The response has been incredible since InspireMore asked readers to submit funny home videos. IM reader Jana T. sent in today’s video. They have a puppy named Juno, who has been a bit of a grumpy puppy lately. The Anatolian shepherd is growing and seems displeased with that turn of events. One of Juno’s favorite places to lie is along the carpeted stairs. As she grows, she recently discovered that she no longer “fits” on one step.

The Anatolian shepherd is a large breed dog in the working dog class. Adult males can weigh 110 to 150 pounds and stand 29 inches or more at the shoulder. Females are slightly smaller. Juno is still a growing puppy. The struggle is real as she fights to remain balanced on the skinny step. Her grumpy puppy act is at its peak, with grumbles and whines for dramatic effect.

Image shows an unhappy Anatolian shepherd puppy as she realizes she no longer fits in her favorite spot laying on the steps.
Image from Facebook.

This would be a definite contender if there were an award for the most heartbreaking dramatic act. Juno is ensuring her puppy parents understand the direness of this situation. Every grumble. Every whine. Perfectly pitched and paired with the accompanying movement. Balancing part of her weight on the lower step, Juno dramatically threw her head onto a third step. Looking away from her mom, she signified her discontent.

Grumpy puppy Juno balancing on the steps, dramatically turning away from her puppy mom.
Image from Facebook.

If you have ever had a puppy of any breed, you have probably experienced something similar. When they have grumpy puppy moments, everyone must stop what they’re doing and adore the little scamps. The grumpiness won’t last. Juno will probably be bouncing without a care in the world within minutes.

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