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Customers Buy Every Donut In Shop So Owner Can Be With His Ailing Wife — Every Morning!

A close up of an elderly donut shop owner.

If you ever travel to Seal Beach, California, you’ll find sweet treats at Donut City along with an even sweeter community! Owner John Chhan discovered this when his wife and business partner, Stella, suffered a brain aneurysm. When customers found out that the co-owner was in rehab, they wanted to do what they could to help out. So, they started buying donuts in bulk!

This wasn’t just to support Donut City. Customers also wanted to empty the bakery as quickly as possible each day so that John could leave early! CBS tells us that Seal Beach residents spread the word to their family and friends, telling them to buy dozens of donuts from the business.

A donut shop called "Donut City" with the name on the front.
Screengrab from YouTube

Thanks to his kind customer base, John was able to leave work early pretty often! He usually went right over to the rehab center to be with his wife as soon as he could.

Seal Beach locals weren’t the only ones literally buying the owner of Donut City more time with his wife. Once word got out to social media, people came from all across America to support the shop!

“I’m from Minnesota and I heard about this,” customer Anne Keller told CBS. “This is awesome.”

A happy ending for Donut City owners John and Stella

A year later, Donut City was able to share some good news: Stella was on her feet again. She returned to work at the store, and customers were thrilled to have her back. John was pretty happy, too!

A close up of an elderly donut shop owner.
Screengrab from YouTube

“I feel grateful,” said Stella. “They give me a hug. I’m so happy.”

This dynamic donut-selling duo have been in business together for over 30 years, according to CBS. They originally left Cambodia as refugees in 1979, coming to California to start a new life. Through Donut City, they’ve managed to build quite a strong community in their new home. Now, Seal Beach just wouldn’t be the same without them!

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